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Roof Construction

Metal, Tile, Shingle, Coating, Single Ply

Roof Replacement

A complete roof replacement for damaged roofs is an excellent investment as it will often last you a lifetime or more, we replace roofs using metal, tile, shingles and single ply. 

Roof Construction

Commercial Properties

New Construction

Our team of highly trained workers can erect a new roof structure in just a few days, we can also haul away the wreckage from the old roof. 

Fixing the Roof

Broken tiles, Blown off shingles, Damages

Roof Repair

Your roof is meant to protect your home or your building from the elements, be sure to thank your roof by getting repairs done when needed! that one missing shingle or broken tile could cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

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Roof Flashing and Trim

We Also Sell

Edge Flashing, Z-Bar, Coping, Counter Flashing and other Fabrication.

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